We provide 5-star audio engineering to maintain, upgrade and run live performance or acoustic recordings within venues on or off-campus. We optimize all of the professional environments of any facility with the utmost attention to the quality and efficiencies needed to produce stellar live performances, professionally delivered acoustic recordings, and final mixdowns of those recordings.


Whether you’re showcasing an artist in a variety of live performances, meet n’ greets, live acoustic recordings, or even providing your artists with a rehearsal and writing space to record, we are active participants in the rehearsal and prep of acoustic performances and will ensure that all performances are well-managed and produced, and that sophisticated facilities are maintained and run according to the needs of each artist.


With social media sharing the marketing battlefield for artists, Cookie Jar Productions will video record all performances, providing you with additional behind-the-scenes, production and sharable content to promote the performance and the artist across relevant social platforms in real-time.

multi-venue operation.

Our professional staff will be on-hand to provide oversight, a layer of comfort and re-assurance, and manage a sophisticated array of equipment within Label office spaces, off-campus rehearsal or writing rooms, and even travel with artists when performing critical live appearances at radio and TV stations.


We operate as independent contractors. Contrasting your current staff on-hand, we provide seasoned personnel only when and where needed, relieving your A&R, PR, Promotion and Marketing staff of any related production stress, without the additional overhead or headcount.


By providing artists, both signed and unsigned, the extra love and support they’ll feel in the hands of qualified care for every performance, you’ll reinforce that you’ve got their back each and every step of the journey you’ve promised to take with them.


Our top flight production and engineering staff have been trained, managed and are accompanied onsite by multi-platinum producer, mixer, engineer, and seasoned industry veteran and executive, Brian Malouf. Brian ensures that his gifted staff are trained on-going, and provided with the high level guidance and instruction needed to deliver quality engineering, exemplary bedside manner, and youthful camaraderie to help take care of the label’s most important asset, the artists.

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bmalouf@me.com or 818-397-4762


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